Month: September 2014

Stunning image – Volcano

30 September 2014

Stunning image – wow. A Song of Fire and Ice: Lava spills onto the snow in Iceland.

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BNI Grapevine Shoutout!

28 September 2014

We got a mention today on BNI Grapevine’s Page, a networking organisation that we’re a member of. I think I’m almost more excited than the client at being able to compile years of content & photos into a succinct online portfolio. ~Liz “Know a Tradie needing a website but doesn’t know where to start? This

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Fancy Pants

26 September 2014

Do you have a special pair of shoes, shirt or something else you wear that makes you feel invincible? I bought these great houndstooth black & white pants in KL… and yes I’m wearing them today! ~Liz

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25 September 2014

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Over thinking leads to negative thoughts

22 September 2014

Create the right mindset to start your Monday – “Everyone has negative thoughts. The challenge is to deal with those thoughts & not become those thoughts.” Paul Roos.

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The basics of Google Analytics

21 September 2014

I was looking for something else and stumbled across this good little article on Getting Started in Google Analytics. Def worth sharing. ~Liz View here… How to Use Google Analytics: Getting Started

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A touch of crazy?

20 September 2014

A touch of crazy? This California lawyer thought it was ok to put photos of herself with celebrities & high-ranking politicians on her website… except they’re all Photoshop! Looks like she’ll be suspended for six months because the photos created the equivalent of “deceptive advertising” for clients. Read more…

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"Thank You Cake" for Jo Tetlow from One Eighty Wealth & Money

19 September 2014

Very happy to present Jo Tetlow from One Eighty Wealth & Money with a Staying in Touch iPad styled “Thank You Cake” on the completion of her new website! Thanks again for your business Jo. — with Jo Tetlow and Liz Flatters.

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Most of the photos you see in IKEA catalogues aren’t photos at all

18 September 2014

Most of the photos you see in IKEA catalogues aren’t photos at all! An interesting example of using technology to make a costly process more efficient.

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No.1 Reason Why People Fail

18 September 2014

A good read – “The No. 1 Reason Why People Fail & 9 Ways to Change It.” I like No. 7: Commit to get started & to push through those first 10-15 minutes.

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