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Let us never forget their sacrifices

11 November 2023

Remembrance Day serves as a tribute to the men and women who died – while serving in war, conflict, and peacekeeping operations – in the name of freedom and peace for our country. It is a day of reflection, gratitude, and reverence for their courage and dedication. Let us never forget their sacrifices 

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Woo hoo! My (not quite) two seconds of fame

8 July 2022

Woo hoo! My (not quite) two seconds of fame – I’ve been “featured” in a video on the BNI SuccessNet™ digital newsletter. Looking fab sporting the unlikely combination of both yellow and a polo shirt (over a black long sleeved top… what was I thinking!) I’ll console myself by recalling it was for a good

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Presenting the all new JBA

9 September 2020

It was great fun being chosen to create the new Joondalup Business Association logo! A number of options were submitted to the New JBA Logo Taskforce, who narrowed it down to four, then these designs were put to a vote by members to come up with the winning logo. View the original post on Facebook

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Anxiety is the new Black

31 March 2020

Feeling anxious? See the “5 Ways to Cope” discussed in this excellent ABC News article. Worth a read… “Everyone becomes anxious at times; it’s a normal human emotion and it is absolutely understandable given the level of uncertainty and stress we are all facing at this difficult time.” Featured Image via: (Unsplash/ABC Life: Nathan Nankervis)

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Spicy times during coronavirus!

6 March 2020

Protecting yourself Texas Hold Em’ style! (View original post via Reddit)

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Coronavirus COVID-19: Why is everyone buying toilet paper?

5 March 2020

This is a great ABC Life article explaining the psychology behind the panic-buying of toilet paper, “herd behaviour” and FOMO (the fear of missing out). I’ve not yet spoken with anyone who has been stocking up (or at least not anyone who has admitted to it) but it seems to be the main topic of conversation this

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Keep calm and wash your hands

3 March 2020

An excerpt: “Professor Peter Collignon, an experienced infectious diseases physician

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Aussie Bushfires SCAM ALERT!

14 February 2020

We totally endorse Audrey, from AWT Accountants‘ advice to share this ATO Scam notification on. Awful that someone is trying to take advantage of vulnerable people who have recently had a traumatic experience and who need support. ? SCAM ALERT ? Be on the lookout for a new text (SMS) scam, which exploits the recent natural disasters

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Surprisingly chirpy ending to the case of the mysterious 'poppy thief'

11 November 2019

I don’t want to detract from the significance of Remembrance Day today, as it has always been important to me

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Is this how it's done "in the hills"?

3 October 2019

One of my clients just posted this!!! You’ve got to click through to the PerthNow article. They’ve obviously lost some of their stuff along the way – LOL! Is this how it’s done “in the hills” or are they on their way further east?! One wonders if they’ll have anything left by the time they reach their

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