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International Dog Day!

26 August 2022

Almost missed it!  Claudia reminded me, and I still nearly forgot  … it’s International Dog Day today!  Our pups Persia and Cairo are an integral part of our lives and we are so lucky to have them share our workdays at Staying in Touch too. Please feel free to share a pic of your pooch with us in the

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Remembrance Day 2021

11 November 2021

“At 11am on 11 November 1918 the guns of the Western Front fell silent after more than four years of continuous warfare.” We pause today to remember the men and women who have died or suffered in all wars, conflicts or peace operations.

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Wedding Congratulations

24 October 2014

Yes, we’ve been a little quiet on Facebook the past few days. Huge congrats to our Senior Graphic Designer, Sarah-Jane who got married in Bali earlier this week. (Oh, and hurry back – we miss you!)

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Long Dogs WA Calendar Sponsorship

19 October 2014

As a thank you for bring little Alfie into our (extended) family we sponsored the 2015 Long Dogs WA Calendar. They do a great job fundraising for various needs including Dachshund Rescue. So cute!

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Sarah Jayne Flatters on IwannaB!

18 October 2014

Must be “brag book” time … Brett & Liz’s daughter Sarah Jayne Flatters was featured on IwannaB on Channel 7 this week – promoting a career as an Electrician, her employer Programmed and Tradeup Australia (the organisation she founded).

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Genius Email Management

8 October 2014

Thanks to Outback Initiatives for the share. I particularly like the one about making the most of your email subject lines. ~Liz

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Daily Reading

6 October 2014

Just finished my (minimum) 10 mins daily reading. This week it’s The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. I love his Happy Habits. ~Liz

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Client Openings!

5 October 2014

Busy bees this morning! Attended TWO client’s “openings” – new business launch for Nautique WA at their Osborne Park showroom, then Perth Pool Paint’s new Malaga pool shop. Well done guys!

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Untangling Information

2 October 2014

An industrial blasting & coatings website about to go live. Said they couldn’t be happier with the way we untangled, sorted & presented the piles of info they gave us that represent their 25yrs in business!

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5 Questions you should be constantly asking yourself

1 October 2014

An interesting article that challenges business owners to worry about the right things! 5 Questions you should be constantly asking yourself. Read here…

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