Month: August 2019

JBA catch up with Kym McKay of Boronia Pre‑release Centre for Women

28 August 2019

Liz was one of the presenters at the workshop series “Return to Work – Return to Business – Return to Me” held at Boronia Pre-release Centre for Women in June. So it was lovely to catch up with Sharron Attwood from Brand Etiquette & Kym McKay, Superintendent of Boronia at the Joondalup Business Association Coffee Connections event yesterday morning.

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When your designs are so good even the client can't pick just one!

27 August 2019

That wonderful moment when a client has a conundrum because they love both of our final design options for their new logo, and simply can’t choose between them! Can you help Daria decide – which one do you prefer?

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Sunday morning at Meadow Springs Golf Club

25 August 2019

As I’ve chosen to spend my Sunday morning working, this seems like a good place to do it ??️‍♂️☀️?

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A reminder to practice mindfulness

18 August 2019

A good reminder… everything can be done much more effectively with mindfulness.

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There's a snowflake on my dashboard!

15 August 2019

I always get very excited when the snowflake icon appears on my dashboard! Ha ha! This morning had a very cold & foggy drive to my business breakfast meeting at BNI Grapevine – Business Networking Perth in Midland… but the scenery through fog & in the Swan Valley was spectacular.

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Had my day's ration of coffee by 9am!

14 August 2019

Started with a BPW Joondalup-Wanneroo – Business and Professional Women business meeting at Dome Joondalup, making the final tweaks to the agenda for our Equal Pay Day Australia sundowner event tomorrow night; and then off to a Joondalup Business Association Coffee Connections at Dome Cafe Warwick! (Whose idea was it to start with a large long black! Ha ha.).

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Feeling very spoilt!

9 August 2019

Won this lot as a networking event door prize and looking forward to the taste-testing over the weekend.

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What's the difference?

7 August 2019

What’s the difference between a kleptomaniac and a literalist? The literalist takes things literally. The kleptomaniac takes things, literally.  

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