Month: April 2020

Remembering the ANZAC Spirit

25 April 2020

For those who leave never to return. For those who return but are never the same. We remember.

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Taking Control of your Digital Footprint

23 April 2020

Liz had the opportunity to do a presentation to her business networking group this morning via the Zoom online meetings platform. They’re meeting online at the moment instead of at 7th Ave Bar & Restaurant, which is their usual weekly venue. Felt a little weird not getting the face-to-face feedback while presenting, but worked well for Q&A

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A Heartfelt Treat

16 April 2020

If only we weren’t practicing social distancing… I could have shared this gorgeous bouquet of pink chocolate hearts (a late delivery of a birthday gift) with the members of my BNI Grapevine – Business Networking Perth group at this morning’s meeting. As it is we’re meeting via BNI Online, so Brett and I are just going to

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The 'Curse' of the Easter Baby!

9 April 2020

When you want to buy cakes for your birthday morning tea at the office, but it’s the day before Easter… so you just have to get the cute ones! Thanks Le Papillon Patisserie – can’t wait to taste tonight’s treats too!

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Those WA Sunset feels!

8 April 2020

Working late… the view from my window. #feelinggrateful  

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Coffee o'clock!

7 April 2020

Claudia, our Project Manager says, “Coffee o’clock at home is a bit different to the office – especially when you’re constantly interrupted by smaller versions of yourself who seem to need to be fed every half hour!”  

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Appreciating life's little pleasures

6 April 2020

Trying to have coffee & lunch breaks outside to create some balance, and noticing the small things. Wish you could smell the beautiful perfume of this flower – the first gardenia to blossom in our garden for the season.

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New Schedule

3 April 2020

credit @sarahmccammon

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