Month: November 2016

Keming. Know what it means?

29 November 2016

Not sure what it means? Don’t despair, we can help! Thanks for the share, Chris Hunt! Couldn’t have explained it better myself – ha ha.

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We love designing different and beautiful websites

25 November 2016

Love it when we get a brief to design something beautiful and a little different – like this website we created for L.A.Legal Services earlier this year.

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Commas save lives

18 November 2016

A quiet Friday afternoon in the office editing content for websites and brochures…

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It's hard to say no to a free FiORi coffee

17 November 2016

Less than 3 hours sleep last night followed by two coffees this morning atBNI Grapevine – Business Networking Perth at Caversham House. Walking into FiORi Coffee on the way home to buy coffee beans for the office… I have no willpower.

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Lest we forget…

11 November 2016

I think it’s nice that every year we stop for a minute here at Staying in Touch for Remembrance Day… lest we forget.

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Loving this creative video of unsatisfying things!

4 November 2016

Ha ha – I love this. Well done to the creative people who created it.

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Brett's drone footage of Perth Stadium is taking off!

3 November 2016

Exciting times at Staying in Touch – Brett’s drone footage of Perth Stadium has taken off! Over 6,500 views on YouTube and shared a cut-down version that’s been viewed by over 17,000 people. WOW! Take a look.

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