Month: April 2019

Friday Evening

26 April 2019

We do like our regular Friday evening wine & cheese session, to wind down from the busy week. Just finishing off this lovely Rosé from Neilson Estate Wines in the Swan Valley before we get stuck into a red.

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Lest We Forget

25 April 2019

For those who leave never to return. For those who return but are never the same. We remember.

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It's Unclear

24 April 2019

I couldn’t resist sharing this one…

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What's your Easter memory?

21 April 2019

Happy Easter! I remember when we were kids, collecting the peelings from brown onions for weeks to dye the eggs at Easter. Then the excitement when Boans imported some traditional food-safe dyes (from Germany I think), and we could make lots of different coloured eggs! Ha ha – we thought they were amazing! What’s your

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Flatpack Chocolate

18 April 2019

Just had to share this one!

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17 April 2019

An interesting, quick historical summary of Notre-Dame. ‘Although it will never be the same, it’s never been the same,

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17 April 2019

4000 years later and we’re back to the same language!  

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Time for a Cuppa

12 April 2019

A little under the weather today with a scratchy sore throat, so good excuse to make a lovely hot pot of lemon & ginger tea with honey using the

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Incredible performance by the Community Choir at the 2019 Joondalup Festival

8 April 2019

We’re always “singing the praises” of our Project Manager Wendy Flack for her involvement in community projects.

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You’ve got to be in it to win it!

4 April 2019

Great night at Quality Printers & Cartridges for the combined Joondalup Business Association & Wanneroo Business Association (Inc) sundowner

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