Month: November 2012

Facebook Copyright Hoax

27 November 2012

A new Facebook hoax has duped some users into thinking they have legal ownership of photos, videos, messages and other content posted to their pages. Read more: Daily News

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Christmas Lights – Gangnam Style

26 November 2012

Perth got a mention on Mashable – very cool… even if they did make a typo on Gangnam Style. Is this for real? Wouldn’t surprise me – love it, but would hate to be their neighbours! Somehow, we’re not at all surprised by this Christmas Lights tribute to “Gangnam Style.” View More… Mashable 5/12/12: Did you see

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Boost for online clothes shopping

25 November 2012

British researchers have come up with a new body scanning device that gives accurate measurements and could boost online clothes shopping. Read more… ABC News

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Joondalup Business Association Sundowner at Waitaha Day Spa

24 November 2012

Really lovely Joondalup Business Association Sundowner last night at Waitaha Day Spa. Waitaha are a client too – we’ve just updated their website with a seasonal theme and added their Christmas specials menu.

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Reflecting on our past year

22 November 2012

Breakfast meeting presentation today reflecting on our work this year. Lots of wonderful projects – must share more often! See an example of one of our projects at Go Go On Hold

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RIP Bentley

17 November 2012

RIP to our little office mascot, Bentley – you were the sunshine in our days…

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JBA members dance Gangnam Style

14 November 2012

Certainly woke us up at the Joondalup Business Association breakfast meeting today – we learned how to dance Gangnam Style! Not sure what I mean? Check it out ….

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Change your mindset…

9 November 2012

Change your mindset …make it happen …

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Almost recovered from Melbourne Cup Day

8 November 2012

Almost recovered from Melbourne Cup Day – a scrumptious team lunch here followed by a violin recital from our very own Mina. Champagne, prawns and classical music – who could ask for more! …other than winning the sweep.

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It's wine-thirty already!

2 November 2012

It made me laugh! Hope you have a good weekend…

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