Month: January 2018

The amazing Aloha Surfhouse

30 January 2018

Thanks Joondalup Business Association for the opportunity for us to visit the amazing Aloha Surfhouse this morning! We’re excited that this Australian-first technology indoor wave park (which only opened yesterday!)

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Brett & Liz at the JBA Christmas sundowner

24 January 2018

Thanks Joondalup Business Association for posting this pic of Brett and Liz with Emily Hamilton MLA

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The importance of rest

23 January 2018

A particularly good article about the importance of rest. I like the para about stress: “Stress is the perception that the situations we are facing are greater than the resources we have to deal with them

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Ash Blue Finances website

17 January 2018

We enjoyed helping Vikki and Audrey over at Ash Blue Finances by creating their new website. The website is vibrant, dynamic and innovative – which reflects the values of their business that they wanted to portray.

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Australian 'pie' chart

14 January 2018

Incredibly accurate in some respects! ? Detailed Australian “Pie” Chart

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Email scams: reminder & advice

11 January 2018

A new year and a new onslaught of email scams! Here’s a timely reminder about 

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We were on a break!

10 January 2018

Yes, we were on a break for the holidays – but we’re back at work today and looking forward to a fantastic year helping our clients’ businesses to be more successful through effective marketing!

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8 January 2018

“But can’t you love me irregardless* of my past?” “Not unless you stop using fake words!” *irregardless: a nonstandard word that robs its user of all credibility

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New Year's Resolution

3 January 2018

My New Year’s Resolution? I’ll probably keep it at 1280 x 1024 like always. Thanks for asking.

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Challenges of working from home

2 January 2018

This is an excellent article addressing the challenges that many people face in relation to working from home.

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