World Password Day Image

World Password Day

by Liz.

It’s World Password Day! Who would have thought there’s such a thing┬á­čśů┬áBut actually many of us still don’t take our online security & passwords as seriously as we should. Good ... Read More..
Should mobiles be banned in schools? Image

Should mobiles be banned in schools?

by Liz.

An interesting opinion piece on banning mobiles in classrooms, funding technology in schools and bullying. Well worth the read. ÔÇťOpinion: I’m a teacher. This is what I know about students ... Read More..
Electromagnetic Stress Image

Electromagnetic Stress

by Liz.

Electromagnetic Stress can negatively impact your ability to get a good night’s sleep. One tip is to keep TVs, phones and computers OUT of bedrooms. TVs and computers I can ... Read More..