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Brand Refresh! We’re loving it and we hope you do too

25 July 2022

Brand Refresh! A few eagle-eyes have noticed the soft-launch of our brand refresh across various platforms – well done! We’re loving it and we hope you do too Want to update your own branding but unsure whether to go for a total rebrand or a brand refresh? Come and chat to Liz and we’ll help

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11 years ago! Seems like yesterday

18 May 2022

This came up in my Facebook Memories today… 11 years ago! Seems like yesterday We were taking pics for the Who We Are page for our (then) new website upgrade. You can see the latest update at

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Taking Control of your Digital Footprint

23 April 2020

Liz had the opportunity to do a presentation to her business networking group this morning via the Zoom online meetings platform. They’re meeting online at the moment instead of at 7th Ave Bar & Restaurant, which is their usual weekly venue. Felt a little weird not getting the face-to-face feedback while presenting, but worked well for Q&A

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Coffee o'clock!

7 April 2020

Claudia, our Project Manager says, “Coffee o’clock at home is a bit different to the office – especially when you’re constantly interrupted by smaller versions of yourself who seem to need to be fed every half hour!”  

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All aboard Zoom!

28 March 2020

  I had to laugh! This has happened way so much lately!! So many of us now using apps like Zoom to continue to run our businesses and meet with our networks. It’s been great fun and good to use to stay in touch.

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Aussie Bushfires SCAM ALERT!

14 February 2020

We totally endorse Audrey, from AWT Accountants‘ advice to share this ATO Scam notification on. Awful that someone is trying to take advantage of vulnerable people who have recently had a traumatic experience and who need support. ? SCAM ALERT ? Be on the lookout for a new text (SMS) scam, which exploits the recent natural disasters

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Are your parents sharing hoaxes on Facebook?

29 December 2019

Good advice in this article so thought I’d share it… Click here to read the article.

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Guy photoshops himself in Kendall Jenner's photos.

29 September 2019

“Ah bahahahaha! So brilliant!” – Liz, Staying in Touch (on Facebook) This guy [@kirbyjenner] won’t stop photoshopping himself into Kendall Jenner’s photos and it makes them 10 times better. Click here to view images.

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Funny meme about deleting apps on your devices

15 September 2019

Click here to view this meme on Facebook.

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Stress Management

30 November 2018

Yep, that’s me!

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