Month: March 2013

4 out of 5 surveyed check their Smartphone within 15mins of waking

30 March 2013

4 out of 5 surveyed check their Smartphone within 15mins of waking? How about you – do you feel overwhelmed by or do you enjoy & value this increased sense of connectedness with others? Read more… 

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Cultivating mental and emotional balance

29 March 2013

Just shared this on my personal page, but for those that aren’t personal friends… OMG this is amazing. Hardest thing was staying attentive for 30mins… But that’s what some of what this is about. We are becoming attention deficient. Over this 4-day long weekend, try to find just 30mins to sit quietly and watch this.

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Have a lovely long Easter weekend

28 March 2013

Yum – choc eggs in office today! Have a lovely long Easter weekend relaxing & spending extra time with friends & family.

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Do you think this ad gets its message across?

27 March 2013

Do you think this ad gets its message across? Or is it too obscure and just an excuse to fart on TV? VIDEO: Social Farter: an anti-smoking ad

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Connecting Business with e-Opportunities Program Launch

27 March 2013

Attended Small Business Centre North West Metro‘s “Connecting Business with e-Opportunities” Program Launch last Friday at Westcoast BMW with Joondalup Business Association & Wanneroo Business Association (Inc). Excellent initiative and a great night in BMW’s stunning premises… love the cars!!

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The quiet place

26 March 2013

One of my favourite apps comes from the quiet place… so just wanted to share this with you.

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7 simple, practical tips from Brian Tracy

25 March 2013

7 simple, practical tips from Brian Tracy – guaranteed to help you make more money in your business Read more… 

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Inspiration – Be grateful

24 March 2013

Inspiration… Shared via… The Secret.

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Progress on Federal Parliamentary enquiry

23 March 2013

Good to hear this federal parliamentary inquiry is underway and to get a progress report. The excuses these companies are making just don’t cut it any more! AND could you believe 3 co’s almost refused to appear – until they heard of the fines & jail time that might ensue! Read more…

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Friday fun todo list

22 March 2013

A bit of fun for a Friday afternoon – what do you think? I’m loving No. 6 (thanks to my friend Tomas Angela Zelaya in NY – sorry couldn’t do a direct ‘share’ as my Page)

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