Month: May 2020

Team Sundowners in Isolation

29 May 2020

Friday night team Sundowner in isolation – gin o’clock at Claudia’s; a new addition outside the office window; and cosy & warm at head office.

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How to tackle a Goal

17 May 2020

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The Healing Power of Dogs

15 May 2020

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Sunny Days call for the Outdoor Office

14 May 2020

Can you believe this beautiful, sunny Autumn day, so late in May?! I’ve decided to relocate for the afternoon to the “back office”. Not something I’d normally indulge in on a weekday, but just couldn’t resist.

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This is me!

11 May 2020

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Happy Mother's Day

10 May 2020

What a glorious day for Mother’s Day! Enjoy ??

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World Password Day

7 May 2020

It’s World Password Day! Who would have thought there’s such a thing ? But actually many of us still don’t take our online security & passwords as seriously as we should. Good tips & an interesting read in this article from LastPass

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