Month: February 2017

Great post from Skeptical Mama

22 February 2017

Skeptical Mama on Facebook.

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A nice clean site for professional services

21 February 2017

One of the websites we completed late last year for Eureka Lawyers. A nice clean site for professional services – simple, crisp and to the point. We can get your message across.

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A good end to a productive day

20 February 2017

Rather than battling the traffic on the way back from a meeting with a new client near Freo, we decided to stop for a bite to eat at The Blue Duck. Enjoyed the late afternoon ocean views to the shipping traffic in Gage Roads and the delicious food. Good end to a productive day.

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What is your goal?

17 February 2017

Great tip from The Slight Edge! Who can’t find just 15 minutes a day. Anyone want to share their goal? “Dedicating fifteen minutes a day towards your goal, every day, can put you closer to accomplishing it by year’s end. What is your goal? #theslightedge“ Facebook image post.

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Happy Valentine's Day!

14 February 2017

Having a bit of fun reading all the anti-Valentine’s Day posts but we’re really hopeless romantics here. Thanks Brett for the gifts of roses for us all today.

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