Month: January 2021

Great Coffee

23 January 2021

Thank you to our local, TALO & OAK espresso in Connolly for making it easier & more enjoyable for me to face up to working today!

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"Wakey Worky Time"

18 January 2021

Bahahaha!!! This image made me laugh out loud! It’s Monday today, second week back at work for 2021, and this is kind of how I felt this morning… “wakey worky time”

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Website Update for an Amazing Woman

15 January 2021

It’s been wonderful having the opportunity to work with this amazing woman Arlene Quinn – Professional Facilitator & Coach again, helping to update her website.

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Bright eyed and bushy tailed for 2021

11 January 2021

Yay! We’re back at work today! If your business closed over the holidays, we hope you also had a lovely & relaxing break (we did!) Love this little bit of inspo from Thrive Global, especially “You don’t need to get everything done on your first day back” 

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