Month: October 2012

A Strategy For Developing Clarity

30 October 2012

Develop clarity on what you want the most and set up clear goals to achieve them.  

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Explore the Grand Canyon on your Computer Screen!

26 October 2012

Thanks @Mashable Lifestyle for sharing this… Soon you’ll be able to explore the Grand Canyon on your computer screen! Read about how the Google Maps team trekked through the Grand Canon to capture the terrain… Shared via Mashable

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Wisdom Week

25 October 2012

Must be wisdom week. Shared Via The Peace and Love Train

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Don't give up

22 October 2012

Shared via Coach Chinh

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Comic Sans – The Internet Explorer of Fonts

20 October 2012

Love this! …Comic Sans. It’s the Internet Explorer of fonts. Shared via mashable

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Responding to criticism on Facebook

19 October 2012

Not sure how you could have missed this great social media marketing example on FB this week, but… just in case you have…

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Newsletter for Mini Travel Mates

19 October 2012

We recently helped Mini Travel Mates create their new newsletter. Great products & tips for regular travellers!

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Facebook Emoticons

17 October 2012

Here is the chart… Shared from Michael Muzy Muzyka

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The End For Apple Being The Coolest Brand Ever?

13 October 2012

Oh no… this could be the beginning of the end for Apple being the coolest brand ever?!

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