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Great post from Analytical Grammar

23 December 2016

Analytical Grammar on Facebook.

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December already?

1 December 2016

Yes, I do realise it isn’t Autumn here in Perth, but I still love Snoopy and can’t believe November is over… already!

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Commas save lives

18 November 2016

A quiet Friday afternoon in the office editing content for websites and brochures…

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It's hard to say no to a free FiORi coffee

17 November 2016

Less than 3 hours sleep last night followed by two coffees this morning atBNI Grapevine – Business Networking Perth at Caversham House. Walking into FiORi Coffee on the way home to buy coffee beans for the office… I have no willpower.

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Loving this creative video of unsatisfying things!

4 November 2016

Ha ha – I love this. Well done to the creative people who created it.

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Goodbye September!

30 September 2016

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September already?

1 September 2016

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27 Office Notes You Wish Your Coworkers Were Clever Enough To Leave

19 February 2015

  We’ve been absent on Facebook for a bit as “otherwise engaged”… but this hilarious post brought us out of the doldrums today. Click through to article…

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