Showcasing Tony’s House of Tender Meats new website

June 2022

Business & Productivity, Web

At a recent presentation Liz showcased the new website we built for Tony’s House of Tender Meats – over the last 4 years we’ve helped to develop a culture at Tony’s where customers send in their cooking photos to feature on their social media… so we included these on their new website too!

At first glance the old website looks ok with what might have been at one time, a trendy food photo… but it didn’t look anything like the actual business it was representing – so it didn’t attract the right customers.

“Your website is one of the first impressions that someone will get of your business” – so it’s important it looks like your business, develops your brand, and is engaging to your customers.

Here on the Home page sliders we added an overlaid caption with words from real customer reviews. This creates connection, credibility, community and currency.

You can view our portfolio for Tony’s House of Tender Meats here.