Meet our new Senior Graphic Designer!

August 2011


“I love the ‘Staying In Touch’ concept”, says Rod. “It’s so right for communication today in the WA business market.”
Rod Tinniswood  joined Staying In Touch on the 1st of July after a 5-year stint at WA Business News.
When Rod first arrived in Perth 16 years ago, he worked at The Sunday Times and then WA Business News as a graphic designer with a point of difference: He was well poised to advise sales staff and clients of a better way to get customers through the door with effective words and engaging visuals.
His fascination for the impact of words and pictures in communication had led him to the ad agencies as an art director in the early part of his career. It was at Bates (an international advertising agency) that Rod was first exposed to the USP concept (Unique Selling Proposition). Bates needed something to differentiate themselves from other ad agencies in tough times.
So for Rod, striving to find the unique selling proposition and then communicating it effectively is the key.