Keep calm and wash your hands

March 2020

In the Media, News

An excerpt: “Professor Peter Collignon, an experienced infectious diseases physician & microbiologist in Canberra, says… handwashing with soap & water – regardless of the type or brand – was as effective as using sanitiser from a store. “It’s not the end of the world if you miss out on buying alcohol hand rub because washing your hands with soap & water is also very effective – there is not a huge amount of difference,” he said. “One is just more convenient than the other & contains alcohol. You can put it in your pocket & don’t have to be near a sink or basin to use it.”
But Prof Collignon warned against people excessively washing their hands with either cleaning agent. He said over-usage of soap & water can lead to dermatitis and people should use commonsense.

Hand wash or sanitiser: Which one is better to use amid Coronavirus fears?

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