Way to do business on a Thursday

16 November 2023

Way to do business on a Thursday – lunch at The University Club of Western Australia Club Cafe & Bar to chat with a potential new client. It’s a Mushroom Frittata – terrible pic at the wrong angle as trying to look nonchalant with someone I barely know. Pity because it looked absolutely incredible and

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Let us never forget their sacrifices

11 November 2023

Remembrance Day serves as a tribute to the men and women who died – while serving in war, conflict, and peacekeeping operations – in the name of freedom and peace for our country. It is a day of reflection, gratitude, and reverence for their courage and dedication. Let us never forget their sacrifices 

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Destination Joondalup Business Forum

9 November 2023

So good to catch up with the lovely Nashid Chowdhury at this morning’s City of Joondalup “Destination Joondalup Business Forum” while she was on a flying visit back to Perth. Nashid was the one who inspired me to become more involved again in supporting & promoting business in our region, when she was in her

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Breakfast with The Treasurer at Crown

17 October 2023

It was a privilege to attend “Breakfast with The Treasurer” at Crown this morning with City of Joondalup on behalf of the Joondalup Business Association, and share a table with the City’s Mayor Albert Jacob, CEO James Pearson, and Manager of Economic Development & Advocacy Luke Willcock, and others. This “Beyond the Numbers” event was

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PERFECT DAY for a JBA Coffee Connection

3 October 2023

PERFECT DAY for a Joondalup Business Association Coffee Connection at Cafe 28, Joondalup Resort. The excitement was palpable with the Resort hosting WA’s premier golf event, the 2023 WA Open, in just two days!!! So much going on and the amazing energy spilled over into our JBA event. The grounds and the course look absolutely

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We love working with beautiful branding!

28 September 2023

We love working with beautiful branding! In this case the logo isn’t “our” creation, but from Forte School of Music Joondalup who are part of the international Forte group. However, we were able to make their branding POP with the signage we designed for their school holidays shopping centre display. Amanda & her team are

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I’m excited to be back learning at UWA

20 July 2023

I’m excited to be back! Investing a bit of time to learn new Small Business Management skills to deliver even more value to our clients. #lifelonglearning

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Well, now I can’t unsee that

19 June 2023

What if… I love this version.

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