Joondalup Business Forum “Emerge Stronger – Joondalup's Economic Recovery”

June 2020

Business & Productivity

I love analysing statistics, trends & opportunities – so thoroughly enjoyed today’s (online) Joondalup Business Forum “Emerge Stronger – Joondalup’s Economic Recovery”, which I attended along with 130 other members of our local business community.
Great work by the City of Joondalup Economic Development Team!?? Fascinating info from economist-in-residence, Mark Wallace on the pre-COVID19 economy; the impact of COVD19; and the post-COVID19 economy – the most important one now of course, which discussed the timing of the recovery and the challenges & opportunities for Joondalup and the business community. This was followed by an insightful interactive panel discussion about economic recovery.

Key takeaways:

  • Strive to be flexible, digital, diverse & sustainable.
  • Focus on building resilience & developing innovation.
  • Take advantage of any downturn (in your work/business/time commitments) to LEARN! When September comes you’ll wish you’d taken advantage of the opportunities available now.