How does your web presence stack up?

June 2013

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How does your web presence stack up?
Today many of your clients are going to the web to “check you out” before they even pick up the phone or walk into your business. In most cases they have already made their buying decision before you even get to speak to them.
Whether you like it or not, your website is your virtual shop-front. If your website is non-existent or out-of-date then you should seriously be thinking of investing in it if your want your business to continue to prosper and grow.
So what are 3 keys of a good website?

  1. Attractive and professional
    By attractive I don’t mean beautiful. It is important that your website is attractive to your target market – the colours, the pictures, the layout of the Home page – you have mere seconds to grab their attention.
  2. Clearly communicates what your do
    We all know our own businesses so well, we assume that our customers instantly get what we do too. This is not the case. People are influenced by past experiences and their perception of what you offer may not match yours. Use simple language, bold pictures and words to clearly communicate your product or service.
  3. Current and up-to-date
    If the layout of your website is cumbersome or out-of-date, or if it’s obvious the content hasn’t been updated for two years, your potential clients instantly get the message that your business is tired and run down. Unless they’re after a fire-sale bargain they are unlikely to come to you if they want the latest fashion, technology or up-to-the-minute advice. Most clients want to develop a long-term relationship with their suppliers – it takes all the pain out of having to make buying decisions next time.

What many people forget is that even on the web, good solid marketing principles still apply.

Liz Flatters
Staying in Touch
“The architects of your virtual shop-front”