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Truth Potato Image

Truth Potato

by Liz.

There’s some truths we can definitely relate to here! Which are your favourites?

Bitter truths are in abundance and the Truth Potato is on a mission

The amazing Aloha Surfhouse Image

The amazing Aloha Surfhouse

by Liz.

Thanks Joondalup Business Association for the opportunity for us to visit the amazing Aloha Surfhouse this morning! We’re excited that this Australian-first technology indoor wave park (which only opened yesterday!) ...

The importance of rest Image

The importance of rest

by Liz.

A particularly good article about the importance of rest. I like the para about stress:

“Stress is the perception that the situations we are facing are greater than the resources we ...

Irregardless Image


by Liz.

“But can’t you love me irregardless* of my past?”

“Not unless you stop using fake words!”

*irregardless: a nonstandard word that robs its user of all credibility